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BTO 1-2-3 The predicted top 3 horses based on simulated queries against several race factors.
Speed Rating 1-2-3 The fastest horses based on last time out speed.
# (Cloth number) This is the race card number of the horse which is shown on the saddle cloth.
Horse, DSLR
[Distance, Beaten, Winner, Favourite, etc]
Horse name and days since last run.

Distance, Beaten, Winner, Favourite (if applicable)
Trainer / Jockey Trainer & Jockey for this race
Rating This is the horse's BTO Rating for this race. These ratings are compiled from thousands of variables.
Forecast The horse's BTO forecast price for this race
Age Horse age
Weight Horse weight
OR The horse's Official handicap Rating
SP Starting price odds
Draw The horse's stall position (flat racing only)
IV Impact Value is a statisical technique which produces an index. In the simplest terms, above 1 is good, below 1 is bad.
Bias (Flat Racing Only). A graphic which uses the (i)mpact (v)alue index statistic comparing two groups of data with the same characteristic; in this case individual stall positions, with the statistic plotted visually, positive stalls in green, negative stalls in red
Pace The pace ratings and Pace % are a guide as to how a race will be run. They are calculated as follows :- we store pace abbreviations for each horse for every run it has, they can be either L for Led, P for Prominent or H for Held Up. Then to calculate a pace rating for an upcoming race we look at the last 3 runs the horse had and allocate points based on the pace abbreviation given as follows :- 4pts for Led, 2pts for Prominent and 0pts for Held Up, so for instance if a horse Led in all of it's last 3 runs it would get a points total of 12pts or if it was Held up in one race, led in another and was prominent in the third race then it would get 6pts. The pace rating column on the race card screen contains this total for each horse and from these the pace percentage column is calculated.

To use these two columns is then simple, if a horse has a percentage of higher than 33% then it is more than likely that it will lead and could even get a soft lead. If there are two or 3 well clear of the rest then one of these will likely lead.

Using these in conjunction with the pace details that are carried for each course and distance along with the draw stats is a powerful tool.
H / M / P / L A chart representation of pace.
OR(Handicapped Races) BHA Official Rating
VS(Handicapped Races) Indicates whether a horse is well handicapped against its official rating (OR) in a handicap of the same race type. If todays OR is higher than the horses highest winning OR (HiOR) the chart indicates red. If the horses HiOR Is below todays OR the chart indicates green.
HIOR(Handicapped Races) Indicates the number of pounds the official rating is above or below HiOR.
Pos No. of positive notes for horse (hover for details)
Neg No. of negative notes for horse (hover for details)
Class Indicates in a race of the same race type whether a horses is dropping in class, running in the same class, or being raised in class h compared to its recent race.
Speed The horses last time out speed rating (0-100) non weight adjusted
Vs A faster than class indicator. The horses BTO Plus + last time out speed rating, compared to the Class Pars for winners at todays race type. The chart indicates how much the rating is above (green) or below (red) this median rating
Par Bench speed figure for this class and type of race
Career, Going, Distance, Class & Course W-R Wins to Runs and Strike Rate (%)
Trend (Graph) Using the results of all the trainers runners over a 4 month period, a graphical trend of the trainers A/E (actual verses expected) statistic is plotted.

The shape and direction of the graph provides a visualisation representation trainers performance over this time period.
14+, 28+ & 56+ day performance: Trainer & Jockey Statistics: Trainer Course Statistics: Jockey Course Statistics: Sire Distance, Course, Going Statistics:
- W-R Wins to Runs and Strike Rate (%)
- Exp Expected Winners: Statistically derived from the probability of the winners (W)
- A/E A/E: A ratio of (A)ctual winners verses (E)xpected winners.
A/E provides a good indicator of whether a statistic is good or bad.

Higher than 1.0 is good and lower than 1.0 is bad. Each 0.1 above or below 1.0 represents 10% better or worse.
- Green Squares
- Red Circles
Each square represents 10% above or below A/E values of 1.0. e.g. An A/E of 1.2 would display 2 green squares because it is 20% better than expectation, whilst a A/E of 0.3 would show 7 red circles because it is 70% worse than expected.
Best In Category Indicates best performer for each racecard section.
Advanced Historical
Form Data
When logged in clicking a horse's silk or name will open our advanced historical form data. From here you can filter and search historical data covering the horse and it's respective: jockey, trainer, trainer & jockey, owner, sire, dam, and dam sire data.

The system allows fast filtering by variables such as: distance, going, course, race type and much more.
Course Pace Bias Illustrates the historical pace statistics for the course and distance in question. From the data the 'course pace bias' can be determined i.e. does the course favour horses that like to lead?

L for Led, P for Prominent or H for Held Up.
IV Impact Value.

An impact value (IV) is an index which is a statistical measure of whether a particular running style is performing better or worse than expected.
A value of 1.00 would indicate that horses with a particular running style, win no fewer or no more than expected i.e. there is no track bias toward that running style.
Below 1.00 is indicative of underperformance, possibly due to a track bias against that style of running.
A value greater than 1.00 is above expectation suggesting a track bias which favours horses with that style of running.
£ The profit and loss for each running style at starting prices to £1 stake.
ALERTS: Quickly starting and stopping alerts Turning alerts on and off is simple, click the alerts button at the top of the racecard/resultcard and you'll see the start or stop button appear for alerts for any given horse. You can also search for horses in the members area, and have the ability to pause, mass delete and add notes to your alerts. You'll receive a digest email letting you know of runners you have alerts for the next day. BTO Plus+ subscribers can turn off email alerts should they just prefer on-site alerts.
ALERTS: Adding Notes to your alerts You can add notes to your horse alerts for your own future reference. Simply go to the members area (click the avatar symbol in the top right of the menu), find the horse in your stored alerts, and click the notes button. Note that if you delete a horse from your alerts, your notes will be deleted permanently, so if you simply want to stop a horse's alerts with the expectation you might want to pick up with it again in future deactivate that horse's alerts by clicking the corresponding toggle button.
ALERTS: Quickly view your notes To quickly see the notes you've added to alerts for any given horse hover your cursor over the name of the horse. This tip works site wide - anywhere you see the horse's name in an alert, hovering over it will show you your notes.
ALERTS: Quickly view your notes (detail mode) As well as the above approach your notes are displayed after our comments in detail mode as illustrated above.



BTO Plus+ Winners

Yesterday's Top Rated Winners on

First Street0/0
Absolute Dream3/1
Lady Reset3/1
Mc Alpine20/1
Recurrent Dream1/4
Go As You Please11/4
Presenting Yeats3/1
Bleu Berry4/6
Street Life7/2

Latest Results


LingfieldRead Hollie Doyle's Column On Handicap

13Storm Melody9/2
28Trouser The Cash10/3
Winning TrainerA Stronge
Winning JockeyR Havlin
Runners10 ran
Tote Win

BeverleyJoe Mcloughlin 70th Birthday Handicap

18Ugo Gregory6/1
32La Rav11/2
Winning TrainerT D Easterby
Winning JockeyD Allan
Runners13 ran
Distances1/2 Length, 1 Length
Tote Win

ListowelRose Hotel Handicap

114Pimstrel7/2 f
22Well Suited9/1
Winning TrainerJ P Fahey
Winning JockeyL F Roche
Runners15 ran
Distances3 Length, 1/2 Length
Tote Win£5.3
Pl£1.6, £3, £4.7

WarwickPoundland Foundation Supports Make-A-Wish UK Novices' Hurdle (GBB Race)

13Cobblers Dream11/8 f
25Gms Prince14/1
32All Clenched Up9/4
Winning TrainerS Aherne
Winning JockeyJ J Burke
Runners11 ran
Distances6 1/2 Length, hd
Tote Win£2.1
Pl£1.2, £2.6, £1.1

LingfieldSky Sports Racing Sky 415 Nursery Handicap

27Brown Owl11/1
38Nordic Glory10/1
Winning TrainerD O'Meara
Winning JockeyJason Watson
Runners9 ran
Distances1/2 Length, nk
Tote Win£3.4
Pl£1.3, £2.8, £2.5

BeverleyRacing To School Novice Stakes (GBB Race)

12Golden War5/4 f
27Sydney Street7/2
38The Predictor16/1
Winning TrainerC Hills
Winning JockeyP Mulrennan
Runners9 ran
Distances4 Length, hd
Tote Win

ListowelIrish Stallion Farms EBF Maiden

11Aikhal0/0 f
24Fiach Mchugh20/1
Winning TrainerA P O'Brien
Winning JockeyJ A Heffernan
Runners15 ran
Distanceshd, nk
Tote Win£1.9
Pl£1.02, £4.9, £4.3

LingfieldDownload The At The Races App Maiden Auction Stakes

12Halcyon Spirit7/2
26Wonder Elmossman10/11
34Danni California7/2
Winning TrainerM P Tregoning
Winning JockeyD C Costello
Runners7 ran
Distanceshd, 1 3/4 Length
Tote Win£4.2
Pl£1.8, £1.2

Starting Gate

warwick Poundland Foundation Proudly Supports Tommy's Novices' Handicap Chase (GBB Race)2m 54y - £3594 - GOOD, Good to firm in places

1 You Say Nothing6/1

2 Sir Tivo6/5

3 Away At Dawn15/8

4 Right Destination7/1

listowel Rose Hotel Handicap7f - £5267 - YIELDING TO SOFT

1 Conversant4/1

2 Talking Tough7/1

3 Hot Bell8/1

4 Clear Quartz18/1

5 Dark Kris20/1

6 Spanish Class15/2

7 Inductive28/1

8 Edge Of My Seat20/1

9 Drombeg Duke11/2

10 Dutch Schaefer11/1

11 Jm Barrie10/1

12 Performance Plus66/1

13 Sahreej14/1

14 Talk Now66/1

15 Upstate New York8/1

17 Inventor11/1

beverley Eddie And Violet Smith Conditions Stakes5f - £10308 - GOOD

1 Danzeno5/1

2 Dubai Station15/2

3 Tarboosh9/2

4 Brando4/6

lingfield Read Kevin Blake On Handicap1m 7f 169y - £3240 - POLYTRACK: STANDARD

1 Manucci14/1

2 Arabescato7/2

3 Nicks Not Wonder9/2

4 Lady Pendragon5/1

5 Tindrum5/1

6 Severus Alexander100/1

7 Bird For Life8/1

8 Retrospect9/2

9 Gavlar33/1

warwick Poundland Foundation Proudly Supports Whizz Mares' Handicap Hurdle2m 3f - £3158 - GOOD, Good to firm in places

1 Isthebaropen3/1

2 Crystal Gazing17/2

3 Roseisaroseisarose8/1

4 Countister7/4

5 Present Storm5/1

6 Jessica Rabbit3/1

7 Persuer5/1

8 Maisie Mix10/1

9 Free Degrees200/1

listowel Jet & Peggy O'Carroll Memorial (C & G) Maiden7f - £6321 - YIELDING TO SOFT

1 Stately Home4/1

2 Touton Le Beau150/1

3 Boxing Hero66/1

4 Colleen's Prince100/1

5 Equus Deus7/2

6 Erikson100/1

7 Gemini Man100/1

8 Indulging13/2

9 Jimmy McGill200/1

10 Mickey The Steel7/1

11 Moi Garcon150/1

12 Mr Rango150/1

13 Mutasarref1/1

14 Rufus Saxton100/1

15 Rural Capital150/1

16 Surviving Murmansk150/1

beverley National Horseracing College EBF Fillies' Novice Stakes (GBB Race)5f - £4050 - GOOD

1 Coffee Mehmas28/1

2 Dreams Of Thunder11/4

3 El Divine200/1

4 Guilded4/11

5 Madame Fenella200/1

6 Seven Springs33/1

7 Vadamiah33/1

lingfield Follow @attheraces On Twitter Novice Stakes1m 2f - £3672 - POLYTRACK: STANDARD

1 Almaan12/1

2 Cu Chulainn12/1

3 Emblem Empire11/8

4 Gaassee11/8

5 Master Of Souls8/1

6 Rogue Power100/1

7 Smooth Connection100/1

8 Victory Roll33/1